KC9VF Station Control System

controller.jpg (256729 bytes)
Stargate Controller
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muting_PTT-2.jpg (218523 bytes)
coax_switches.jpg (125731 bytes)
Coax Switches
ant_rig_selector.jpg (156658 bytes)
Antenna-Rig Selector
12-24volt_PS1.jpg (70888 bytes)
12/24V Power Supply
12-24volt_PS2.jpg (145057 bytes)
12/24V Power Supply

The above components perform most of the station local and remote control functions.  This system provides AC power application, antenna, band and rig selection, in the shack, or over the internet during remote control operation.

Whether remote, or in the shack, several different rigs can be selected to run on bands 160-10 in either AM or SSB modes.

Rigs Controlled:

Ten-Tec Orion II, Yaesu FT-757GX, T-368, Collins 20V3, RCA BTA-1R1, Powermaster wattmeter.


Antennas Controlled:

193.5 foot high vertical, B&W dipole, Log Periodic, 40-75 meter cross dipoles, 10 meter vertical, 6 meter beam, or Bird dummy load.