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Audio from the station receiver is heard by clicking on the link below.  When the station is not in QSO the receiver is likely to be monitoring 3880 kHz, in the AM mode.  When in QSO, you will hear what the operator is listening to on your right speaker and the operator of the station on the left speaker.  When you click on this link your default media player will load and begin to buffer the streaming audio.  It may take 15 seconds or more before audio is heard.  Your connection will not affect station operations.  You are welcome to put out a call on 3880 and listen to your transmission with about 15 seconds of latency.  During electrical storms the antenna may be grounded.

Click on your which media player and connection speed you have and LISTEN to Live audio from KC9VF

Shack Transmitted Audio Plays On Your Left Channel and Shack Receiver Audio Plays On Right Channel


Main Shack Station       Windows Users:  Broadband:   Windows Media Player 

Remote Shack Station   Windows Users:  Broadband:   Windows Media Player 

Remote Winradio Receiver   Windows Users:  Broadband:   Windows Media Player 



Windows Users:  Dial-up:   Windows Media Player

Mac Users: Broadband:    Itunes, Realplayer, Quicktime


K5ELK Module A   Windows Users:  Broadband:   Windows Media Player 


K0RZ Flexradio Audio   Windows Users:  Windows Media Player

K0RZ  IC-R75 Audio   Window Users:  Windows Media Player


Route 66 Special Event Station Information


New Shack Construction

Shop to Ranch 5.8 gHz 140 foot Rohn SSV Tower

KC9VF Tower Project

Station and Internet Remote Control System

BCY Non-Directional

Transformer Bank RFI


NFEC Meter Pole 80-002-740


email:  kc9vf@arrl.net





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